Planning for Module 707 – Practice 2

Following the briefing on Friday 6th January 2017, it has just started to sink in that this is a new year and a new life for me as the ‘artist photographer’. I am now in a unique and privileged position where this year can be completing dedicated to my practice and developing the next ‘body of work’, now that I have resigned from my teaching post in Further Education. Those  opportunities that have been presenting themselves can now become part of the active planning and execution, without the day to day distractions and feeling torn between teaching and being a pure creative. Most of all I will have the time to do all those things that I have had spinning round in my head to a level that was just becoming increasing impossible with the teaching/work demands. Unless you have worked in education, particularly further education, it is hard to comprehend just how consuming this role is and how the focus is improving the life of lots of other people, not always the young people, as the demands from management and government also sap ones creative energy. So….moving on…..

I am now privileged and able to immerse myself in my practice.

I can develop, refine and explore existing and new skills.

Edits and critical judgements can be done in more depth for discrete purposes such as; prints, framing, publications [zines, photo-books or e-books]and most importantly, exhibitions.

Drawing on technical expertise can now be expanded on and all those kits can be made and used during my next set of visits to the fairgrounds.

Collaborate as much as possible, engage with others in both my own practice and around my subject.

Decision making will need to be recorded, keeping the Blog up-to-date and constructing regular/weekly critiques will be an important aspect for this Module.

Documenting Project Objectives – revisiting initial ideas and creating a clear/revised rationale.

Development journal in the form of a sketch book, as well as the Blog for documenting completion of work and having actual finished work.

Module Learning Outcomes/Requirements from Briefing:

1/. Discernment and distinctiveness – judgements need to be represented both good & bad with your explanations – the why! Evidence of advanced techniques with clear sign posting for professionalism.  [Evaluation & Critical Analysis]

2/. Originality, problem solving and critical thinking – evidence of self directed planning for collaborative opportunities. Signposting for originality showing innovative practice. [Evaluation & Critical Analysis]

3/. Self directed in own work and professional development – what career progression opportunities have been explored, collaborations, networking, symposiums, exhibitions – local & national. [Evaluation & Critical Analysis]

4/. Management of own development – remain open minded to allow for opportunities. Tutorials, crits, audience feedback – keep a record of all these [as well as how other’s record this intuitively eg: Left Bank Leeds or using online survey’s]. Identifiable studio practice needs to be recorded/photographed, building the darkroom etc. along with projection and sound opportunities in studio space and using LCA facilities. [Evaluation & Critical Analysis]

5/. Management and production of professional work. Demonstrate a synthesis of research of ideas, materials and processes. [Evaluation & Critical Analysis]

Summary for Module:

Keep it meaningful. Review the original proposal and consider submitting this revised version [refer back to abstract & conclusion of dissertation].

There should be a final ‘major’ studio project, a body of creative work that shows you have liaised with other practitioners that in turn demonstrates how they have informed your own work.

There should be a connection to Practice 1 [PPD], there should be a 300-500 word synopsis to explain your decisions for this major piece/pieces of work. Signposting to demonstrate this is very important and should be supported by a rationale.

Refine and edit – revisit the portfolio – use notebooks/sketchbooks for recording the journey. Discuss quantity and quality with your supervisor.

Evidence suggestedONE sketchbook or ONE printed book with exploration, visits, exhibitions and decision making, this should be a big chunk to show  a record of the bigger journey alongside visual representation. There was some discussion over whether a BLOG was a replacement for the sketchbook as it was suggested in the evidence as an ‘OR’. But the group felt that as the Blog was public facing this had proved a good avenue for networking, whereas the sketchbook was much more personal and generally this was just between the student and the supervisor/assessor. The final pieces of work should be no bigger than A1, or can be photographed if too large to bring in.

  • National Media Museum, Bradford – Fox Talbot Exhibition – Dawn of the Photograph, on until 8th February.
  • The Photographic Angle Exhibition – The Four Elements – 21st – 25th Jan – No 1 Whitehall Riverside, Whitehall Road, Leeds, LS1 4BN
  • Saltaire Inspired – The deadline for Artist applications for Saltaire Arts Trail has been extended by one week to FRIDAY 20th JANUARY. A third room will be open for the Makers Fair, meaning that a further 20 Designer Makers can be accommodated. Event to take place Spring Bank weekend Saturday 27th May till Monday 29th May.

Application via Curator space:


  • IceCube Millenium Square Leeds [Sat 27th Jan]- ice skating and fairground rides – night shots.
  • Scarborough Coastival Arts trail/exhibitions & installations – Sat 18th & Sun 19th Feb 2017.
  • Valentines Fair Leeds, Feb 2017
  • National Fairground Archives, Sheffield – Feb/March, discuss exhibition opportunities for June 2017.
  • Scarborough Fair Collection – March, discuss exhibition opportunities with Fairground archive rides with visiting Steam Punk and Circus acts – event Friday 19th May, Sat 20th and Sun 21st May. [This is the week before Spring Bank holiday].scarborofaircollectionwithsteampunk

TUTORIALS for 2017:

Thursday 12th Jan at 1pm

[Feedback and grade for Modules 705 & 706 due 27th Jan 2017]

Thurs 2nd Feb 2017 at 11am – need to change this as I will be in Maidenhead @ Carters.

Thurs 9th March 2017 at 11am

Thurs 27th April 2017 at 11am

Thurs 25th May 2017 at 11am

Friday 16th June 2017 at 11am

Thurs 13th July 2017 at 11am tbc

Thurs 27th July 2017 at 11am tbc (may be best week later)

Submission for Module 707 is Friday 11th August 2017


Musical Influences as we pass from December 2016 into January 2017:

Bruce Springsteen’s Desert Island Discs – BBC Radio 4 – Fri 23rd December 2016. – currently reading Bruce Springsteen’s autobiography ‘Born to Run’ that I purchased alongside the double vinyl release of ‘Chapter and Verse’.bruce_springsteen_desert_island_discs_dec2016

David Bowie – The last 5 years – BBC iPlayer – watched on Sat 7th Jan, the day before what would have been his 70th birthday. What I have taken from this documentary is:  Bowie said

“I think it’s terribly dangerous for an artist to fulfil other peoples expectations. If you feel safe in the area that you’re working in, you’re not working in the right area. Always go a little further into the water than you feel you’re capable of being in, go a little bit out of your depth, and when you don’t feel  that your feet are quite touching the bottom, you’re just about at the right place to do something exciting.”



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